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So, my music tastes in the electronica genre began with Orbital’s Halcyon & On & On. This feels like a very long time ago, but although I loved the song from the start (back in ‘95), I still hadn’t started to listen to electronica until much later. Around 1999, I started looking specifically for electronica and other similar styles of music. Having never really been around any other people that cared for this music, I was pretty much on my own in my search. So, where do you look when you don’t know what you are looking for? P2P was the answer in the form of Napster, Gnutella, Bear Share, Audiogalaxy, IRC, and the like. I found that searching for “trance”, “rave”, “electronica”, and “house” did the job.

Through this searching I came across some great artists, such as Robert Miles (whom I had heard about before due to “Children”), Mike Oldfield, Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Taucher, and of course, Orbital. Songs that stood-out outside of these artists included Sandstorm (Darude), Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay), Offshore (Chicane), and Castles in the Sky (Ian Van Dahl - this song came a little later than 1999. I believe around 2001).

Now, I am a geek by nature. I have always been fascinated with technology, the new electronics that come out, computers, video games, big sound systems, big video systems, etc, etc. If an electric current runs through it, I am interested in it. At this initial trance point in my life, there were many people that related the two, thinking I liked this style of music because it fit with my interest in all things technological. Initially, I had to agree with them. This made sense to me, but I later discovered it was more that this. There was something about the electronica sound that kept me hanging on to it.


thump thump

last night i heard my heart beat.

to answer the obvious, yes, most people have heard their heart beat at some point, but this was something different. this instance seemed a little surreal and almost out-of-body. it weirded me out at first, but then i put a little more focus into it, and thought it was kind of cool in the end.

i was simply sitting on my couch, listening to music. i believe i was listening to Vide Cor Meum from the Hannibal soundtrack. the version was a version i did where i overlapped the song at a certain point with another copy of the same song. at that certain point, they sync. this actually has a name, but it is not coming to me at the moment. anyway, i am getting side-tracked.

i was listening to music, sitting on my couch, leaning back and thinking. thinking about what, i am not sure, but then all of the sudden i felt/heard a small beat/thump/pumping. it was very faint, but it was there. closing my eyes and putting my focus on the sound/feeling, i started to understand it was the beats of my heart. at this point in time, i was sitting with one leg crossed on top of the other and i realized that i could actually feel the beat of my heart through my legs. i was feeling the pumping of blood through my legs. with more focus, i began to feel the same beating/pumping through other areas of my body that i would put focus on.

now, in my simple mind, i found this fascinating. i really don’t know why, but the thought of being able to feel the pumping of my own blood through various areas of my body felt a little out of the ordinary.

oh, the little things!

just an observation.

i have gone on rants about myspace on both the internet, and in person, with people that will listen to my jabbering, but i have noticed a trend over the past few years concerning people and what they deem popular, useful, or “the new thing.” this trend tends to lean towards items and sites that are either ugly or not well designed. this doesn’t mean the content of such sites are not worthwhile, but my question is, how did the attraction start, and why is it that the average person will concern themselves about such things in their everyday life, but not when it comes to the hours spent on these social networking, blogging, etc sites?

allow me to start with the obvious, myspace. myspace was originally designed as a location for bands (primarily indie bands) to set up a site to show off their music and who they are. it later became the place to go on the net for social networking. what gets me about this is that myspace in its default form is ugly, and making changes to it to make it “your own style” is also ugly. sure, most people go to a “hack myspace” site, do some form of design, and ultimately copy and paste code that they don’t know what is into the about me section of their profiles. having to “hack” myspace in this fashion is proof that myspace was not meant to be customizable from the start, but regardless, people have now learned how to do it (that is, they have learned how to copy and paste). my confusion lies with, how did this start? how did myspace, with its ugly interface and ugly customization techniques become what it is? it truly baffles me, but apparently the average human doesn’t care.

another plain, and ugly site that tends to be the hip place to stop and look is craigslist. how did this happen? the name craigslist pops up frequently on tv and among various groups, but how many people have actually looked at craigslist? it’s plain and ugly. that is not to say that plain is ugly, but in this instance, it is. craigslist is the place to go for personals and classified ads of all kinds. every major city is set up with their own craigslist off of, and it is looked at daily by millions. actually, it serves out over 5 billion page views a month. i can certainly understand how attractive a free classified and personals site could be, but this is another example about how the look and feel of a site doesn’t matter.

the last item on my list is boing boing. this blog is a great blog for various bits of information, but the design of the site, like craigslist, is plain. this one, however, is not ugly because it is plain, it is ugly because it is plain and has the flashing ads, etc that appear at the top and sides of the blog entries. without these, this plain site would simply be a blog with a nice minimalistic design, ala daring fireball. despite the overall look of the site, this is the blog that inspired many bloggers to try and blog full time. in my opinion, boing boing is the one that made blogging what it is.

these are just a few observations i have made among many others that exist in the popularity realms of the internet, but there is a comparison to everyones’ everyday life that i would like to show.

the same people who don’t care about the ugliness of the sites that they use daily, for hours at a time, are the same people that care about appearances in every other aspect of their lives. the average person would be hesitant to enter a car or house that had the same appearance that some of these sites have. the average person would certainly put the appearance of an individual high on their list when considering dating them, and possibly being associated with them. the average person would make sure they look appropriate and nice before leaving the house. however, despite all these everyday ways of living, the average person tends to attract themselves to the ugly, the plain, and the far less than perfect areas of the net.

i am truly baffled.


yeah right!

ok, now that the site redesign is finished and i have proper spam control (crossing fingers), i might now actually take pride in writing a few words from time to time. we’ll see how it goes, but for me the hurdle was getting a site that i could maintain without having to do much maintaining.

as for how everything is running now, i moved my site from my powermac g4 running os 10.4 to a p4 running debian etch. this server is now running movable type for blogging under apache2, my kdx server, and for mail it is running postfix, cyrus-imap, spamassassin, clamav, and squirrelmail, using sieve for server side filtering. for now, i am set. next up will be providing safe backups for all of this.

we’ll see how everything flows and adjust from that.

the other night, i was sitting at home, listening to music, when i started to think about why i liked the kind of music that i like. now, my tastes in music vary drastically from rock, punk, and alternative to classical, contemporary, and operatic, but the one that tends to stand out the most in my car, home, and work falls on the genre of electronica.

when i speak of electronica, this breaks down into many more sub categories, including: trance, rave, house, trip-hop, down tempo, etc, etc. i will go further to say that i am purposely excluding techno and dance from my thought process here as they don’t fit into where i was thinking the origin of my tastes came from, but will provide a brief background as to why.

techno and dance came into my life when i lived over seas. this type of music was at every party and get together you could find. it was frequently on the local radio stations, and it didn’t take long for me to start liking techno, but at that time, i primarily saw it as dance music, not something to listen to on a regular basis. regardless, i loved techno and similar music i heard, but it wasn’t until later that i discovered a new genre that i could just sit and listen to for hours.

hackers. yes, the 1995 movie hackers was the starting point of my fascination with this style of music, but not because of the movie nor all of the music in the movie, but instead a single song from the movie just caught my interest from the first note.

the song: halcyon & on & on the artist: orbital

for those “legitimately” posting comments to my blog, please bare with me. if you receive some moderation page, just wait and i will get it published. i am in the process of finding the happy medium with the spam filters and can’t seem to find it. if i loosen it ever so slightly, i let in a massive amount of spam, if i tighten it, all legitimate comments are held for moderation.

hopefully i can have this resolved soon. thanks.

my day began yesterday in a much different way than most days. i woke up at 4:30am. 4:30am is early for most people, but 4:30 for me is a little on the extreme (pun fully intended) side in my opinion, but i figured this would be for a good cause. the cause? extreme makeover: home edition.

in the midst of the extreme makeover: home edition trek across all 50 states, they landed 20 minutes down the road from me. upon finding this out, i figured i could put in a lending hand. i have done habitat for humanity in the past and enjoyed it, so i figured this would be a good thing. the plan: meet at 6am for check-in, “the march” at 8am, demolition around 9am, etc. or so i thought. every step took significantly longer than planned. i also expected a lot of people to be there to lend a helping hand for anything that is needed. i was wrong about this as well.

as it turned out, about 70% of the people were women and about 70% of the women had one purpose, see ty. ty pennington of course is the star of the show and is one of these men that most women would love to meet. unfortunately, this meant that these women were not there to help out a needy family, but rather help out their lust for seeing the perfect man.

now, i will not make myself out to be a hypocrite and say i didn’t want a chance to see and possibly meet paige, but this was not my primary goal. the primary goal of the average person seems to center around themselves, whether it is to meet that one person, have a chance to be on television, be able to say they were a part of extreme makeover, or even the selfish desire to be able to say they “helped” build a house for a needy family. their need for any of this ranks higher than the desire to help a family that truly deserves it.

i had hopes for yesterday upon waking just to see them be ever so slightly disappointed. yes, the magic of the show disappears when you witness it in progress first hand, but it wasn’t really that. yes, the outgoing, fun nature, always friendly on television ty was very unapproachable (although i have no doubt how busy the man is, so to me it is justified), but that really wasn’t it. and yes, the self-centered average person is a little disappointing, but even this is expected. no, the thing that disappointed me was that i went out to this site to help. i am a relatively big guy, and i can help with any form of manual labor, but there was nothing for me to do.

ok, yesterday was devoted to heavy machinery, hauling in truck loads of dirt, and pouring the slab foundation. these are jobs that i fully understand are not for me as i specialize in none of them, but upon approaching some of the crew for the show, asking what i (a volunteer) can do, i was continually given a blank stare as if this had never been asked before.

from what i can gather, the building (the actual work to be done) is entirely done by the contractors and their people, which is fine, but the premise of the show tends to be a house built by this family’s community. i thought i was walking onto a site that i could help and build a home on, but i walked off feeling that all i had done was walk around and watch a house be destroyed.

it is truly a wonderful thing what abc and all these other companies do for these families, and i don’t want to take away from that one bit in what i am saying. i had simply hoped that my presence there would have be able to provide the help that i thought was needed. this was just to share my experiences on the site of a real live extreme makeover: home edition.

here’s to trying!

yes, this is an entry whose sole purpose is to discuss future posts. if you would rather wait for the future, go for it; otherwise read on.

the next few posts are ones that i will be making over the next few days that will cover several topics. why do i not just write about one right now? well, that my friend would be a good question. first, i frankly don’t feel like it. secondly, i have yet to figure out which topic to start out with. and third, i don’t feel like it. i think you may get the point.

until i decide on what to write about, here are the topics at hand.

i have recently bought a digital camera. it is a canon powershot s1 is, and this will be the topic of a couple of entries. i will cover the camera itself (both pros and cons) as well as cover a few topics i have waited on until i purchased a camera; the painted rooms, the house, and the digital entertainment room. if these topics do not interest you, move on, otherwise keep up to date over the next week or so.

also, this past weekend consisted of a camping trip with a few friends that i would like to put up as an entry. the hold up on this one is that i am waiting for barry to post pics of the event so that i may steal them and use them for the post.

lastly, although a lot of recent posts have been about the personal life, i have been meaning to do a quick write-up on the new ipod. i have purchased the 60GB model of the video ipod and have some pros and cons i would like to put down on the site.

until then, allow me to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving an hour and a half prior to the date (CST).

i’m out.



two entries of lyrics in a row. I know, i really need to post something more, but oh well, just deal. music and words say more than most people would know how to put on paper.

as for inspiration. i wouldn’t call anything causing inspiration in putting up this song other than i love the group, and the song is great. although having a girl and being in this type of a scenario would be hell, i felt that i should put this up as i can understand personally what the lyrics mean. “Think Twice”

When all is said and done And dead does he love you The way that I do Breathing in lightning Tonight’s for fighting I feel the hurt so physical

Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around come around no more Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around no more

She spreads her love She burns me up I can’t let go I can’t get out I’ve said enough Enough by now I can’t let go I can’t get out

Wait till the day you finally see I’ve been here waiting patiently Crossing my fingers and my t’s She cried on my shoulder begging please

Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around come around no more Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around no more

She spreads her love She burns me up I can’t let go I can’t get out I’ve said enough Enough by now I can’t let go I can’t get out

What is it you really want I’m tired of asking You’re gone I’m wasted

When I showed up and he was there I tried my best to grin and bare And took the stairs but didn’t stop at the street And as we speak I’m going down

Cause she spread her love And burnt me up I can’t let go I can’t get out I’ve said enough Enough by now I can’t let go I can’t get out

Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around come around no more Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I’ll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around no more

-eve 6-



rather than just posting the lyrics to this song, i decided to say where the inspiration came from to post it. i heard it about a week ago on a commercial that a friend had forwarded to me. it is a sony bravia commercial from the uk, and is absolutely amazing. although i know that the commercial had to have been computer generated in most of its aspects, it is just cool to see so many bouncy balls. here are the links to the extended quicktime versions of the commercial. watch it. trust me, you will like it.

high res (h.264)

low res


One night to be confused one night to speed up truth we had a promise made four hands and then away

both under influence we had devine scent to know what to say mind is a razorblade

to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough for me, no

one night of magic rush the start a simple touch one night to push and scream and then relief

ten days of perfect tunes the colors red and blue we had a promise made we were in love

to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough for me, no

to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough

and you, you knew the hands of the devil and you, kept us awake with wolves teeths sharing different heartbeats in one night

to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough for me, no

to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough for me, no

-jose gonzalez-

awhile back, i wrote a small post talking about installing linux on an old powerbook 1400 i have had since college. I even put together a pretty lengthy, although incomplete, guide on how i went about doing it. since then, i have not done much more, and actually removed the linux os in place of mac os 9 due to the fact that there was no support for the g3 upgrade cards in linux at the time. a couple of days ago, i decided to swing over to the nubus powermac sourceforge site on a whim to see what has happened in the past year and a half.

as it turns out, quite a bit has evolved from since i installed debian (woody) on mine. looking further, it appears that the guide i wrote (that was linked to on the site) has been labeled as the “outdated method.” this perked a little interest and so i decided to dig some more. as i found out, the nubus powermac linux scene has had some major improvements on getting things up and running a bit easier and faster through the use of a bootable iso image with miboot on it with a kernel to boot to the debian (sarge) distro, as well as the 2.4.27 kernel to boot up with once sarge is installed. all of this is thanks to Tobias Netzel. not only that, but there is now support for g3 upgrade cards, better pcmcia support, and full media bay support for the 1400 (and most likely the 5300).

i have once again installed linux on my 1400 running a Sonnet Crescendo 400Mhz G3 card, a Agere Silver 802.11b card, with an upgraded 10GB hard drive. i am still installing several items, and by the end of the weekend, plan on having x windows up and running. once done, i will sit down and write up a new guide to the “new method” since i have yet to find one out there. yes, the new method is pretty easy and straight forward, but a guide that says, “do this” is always of help to anyone looking.

i have run linux on many machines before, including a powermac 8100, 9500, and g4 to name a few, but the main machine i wanted up and running with some form of *nix distro was the 1400. the 1400 is a 10 year old machine that is still capable of a whole lot. yes, the ram maxes out at 64MB, yes it does not support cardbus and therefore will never have usb connectivity, but it works, and works well; especially with an upgraded processor.

i thought i would just jot down these few things before writing up a guide, but once the guide is done, i will certainly post it along with any config files i use for my install. also, any credit will be given to those where credit is due.

ahh, isn’t it amazing how you can make things go your way when you know how the system works? well, i recently found this out again. yes, it is time again to look at the life of a womanless man and his toys. Continue reading “using the system - the trio” …



you know, as a single guy living alone in a house, you get a lot of time to think on your own. no wife to answer to, no girlfriend to sway your thoughts, a disobedient dog to frustrate you more. Yep, nothing but a massive TV, a room full of 20 computers, constant music throughout the house making you feel like your life really does have background music (except when in your car, because your amps are currently all jacked up). this, my friend, makes up the perfect combination for all sorts of thought provoking questions and amusements.

with all that said, have any of you found that putting thoughts on paper are more difficult knowing that friends and family are looking on? you watch what you say, you phrase things a little different than you typically would, you don’t delve too deep into many issues at all. this is all good as most of them most likely wouldn’t care to read all the garbage that falls out of your head onto a computer screen anyway, but it makes you think nonetheless.

does any of this mean that i have some things to say that i am not willing to write about out of fear that others would read it? no, but those others are not just others. they are people that have an opinion in my own personal life in a way that no stranger would. this of course makes things that come out a little more toned down. sure, there are thoughts that linger in my head for what seem like an eternity, but that tends to be fine by me.

why would it be easier to write on a blog to a lot of people that you don’t know? simple…judgement, or i guess, lack thereof. sure, even in this case, people would judge, but who cares? they don’t know you and you don’t know them. what’s the big deal? friends and family on the other hand are the ones that matter in these situations, but you simply would rather not put that kind of stuff out there for them to become participants in.

i guess that everyone has things on their minds that they feel would be better staying there, but once more, for a single guy living on his own, private time tends to allow the mind to process the activities of the day, the activities that have yet to come about, and anything and everything in between a bit more. however, i’m not going to lie, i love this. having been an introvert all my life, i tend to enjoy a private time much more than the next guy. to sit aside and just contemplate the “what if” questions that just so happen to wander into the open mind as you sit there, in a daze, staring at a screen that has no right in being as big as it is. oh well, life moves on. another day passes. another week, month, and year are yet to come.

when will it end? not anytime soon, but of that i am fine. a long life, lots of thoughts, constant music making your life a little bit more like that movie you love so much. step back, take a breath, and slowly move ahead.


Happy Birthday

I meant to write this in my last short post that pretty much told you nothing.

today is my brother’s birthday, so all that know him, wish him a good one.

happy birthday josh!




If you could only see the way she loves me Then maybe you would understand Why I feel this way about our love And what I must do If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says When she says she loves me

Well you got your reasons And you got your lies And you got your manipulations They cut me down to size

Sayin’ you love but you don’t You give your love but you won’t

If you could only see the way she loves me Then maybe you would understand Why I feel this way about our love And what I must do If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says When she says she loves me

Seems the road less traveled Show’s happiness unraveled And you got to take a little dirt To keep what you love That’s what you gotta do

Sayin’ you love but you don’t You give your love but you won’t You’re stretching out your arms to something that’s just not there Sayin’ you love where you stand Give your heart when you can

If you could only see the way she loves me Then maybe you would understand Why I feel this way about our love And what I must do If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says When she says she loves me

Sayin’ you love but you don’t You give your love but you won’t Sayin’ you love where you stand Give your heart when you can

If you could only see the way she loves me Then maybe you would understand Why I feel this way about or love And what I must do If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says When she says she loves me




It’s been awhile, I know. Life has been busy through the Holidays, but I will write something soon. To my faithful 2-3 reader’s, I am still alive. That is it for now. Back to work.



it has now been several weekends back, but i grabbed some photos of the event from barry’s flickr site. click the image to the side to see all of them.

i have no plan on going into too much detail on this post as since the event has gotten older, the interest in writing this has kind of died. the only reason i never wrote anything prior to tonight is that i have been extremely busy with work and haven’t felt like doing much when i have come home in the evenings.

the camping took place in rocky springs, ms; a place i knew nothing about prior to going there, but apparently, rocky springs is a real ghost town. not a ghost town in the sense that there have been hauntings, but a ghost town in the sense that the town is no longer populated due to weather conditions, bad crops, and disease back in the late 1800’s. we went down on a friday just for the night, planning to come back the following day. we had 2 massive tents that turned out to be too much for the amount of people who decided to stay. some simply didn’t want to put up with 30 degree weather. oh well, their loss. to speed things along. we hiked to an old church, that is still used today, through the woods in the middle of the night. we had some fun trying to frighten the people that stayed when we returned. we ate, slept, and woke. park ranger bugged us around 9am, and we returned around 1pm to civilization (not that we were far from it anyway).

well, there you have it. somewhat short and to the point.

Evening at Adler

October 21, 2005 marked the day of the drunkenbatman hosted event, evening at adler.

i have linked to the drunkenblog in the past on several occasions, and as i have mentioned before, this site is for geeks and people interested in the inner depths of the mac community, so this suggestion is out there for anyone interested in what some of the top indie mac developers out there have to say about various topics.

evening at adler was an event that was hosted by db, but was basically a discussion on anything and everything mac related at the adler planetarium in chicago, il. i guess it is best described by db himself in the following text: On October 21st in the year of ‘05, ten top Mac developers (primarily indies) from around the USA were invited to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL for an evening of conversation around a broad range of topics: Making a living writing for the Mac, software patents, competing with Apple, digital rights management (DRM), software activation, bugs, Ajax, unit testing, building communities, the x86 transition, and much much more… This was recorded, and the video and audio are now online.

there may be very few of my already few readers that would be interested and willing to watch or listen to the discussion that took place, but if you are, i highly recommend it. be forewarned, the video is about 2.5 hours long, so think of steve jobs’ keynote speeches times 3. check it out. EAA

i just found out today that i have a couple more readers than i thought i had that just don’t make comments. in finding this out, i have seen an issue that i have not wanted to face, but may actually try to solve over the next month or so. i just saw my site in internet explorer again after not seeing it in ie for quite sometime. needless to say, it is hideous.

for all the mac users that look at the site, you will not have a problem with safari, firefox, or pretty much any other browser out there for the mac, but windows users (the majority) do not have the same benefit from their primary browser, ie. in order to see the site as i have intended, you will need to download and install firefox. i would recommend this anyway for security purposes, but since internet explorer doesn’t show some proper css and all png’s with alpha transparencies, you will have issues with this site as it is will shows up as very ugly.

i will try to remedy this as much as possible over the course of the next month or so, but i can’t make any promises. my main recommendation is to switch to Firefox, but it kills me to know that some people are looking at the website in a completely different form (and therefore thinking that i have no design talent whatsoever).

since i don’t have any meetings scheduled this morning, i figured i would write about the happenings of the weekend, as the previous post about the upcoming weekend didn’t exactly go to plan. here goes.

as planned i did eat Vietnamese food after work on Friday with some friends, and we did go to one of my friend’s apartments, but it was not until we reached my house for the movie that things took a turn.

earlier in the night, before going to the apartment, i had started boiling some peanuts. before jumping to conclusions, allow me to explain my thought process on this one. i had boiled peanuts several times for these movie nights and all had gone well without ever having to add more water to the pot. boiling peanuts takes about 4 hours, and since i figured the times i had boiled them while i was in the house went without incident, it would do no harm to leave for a little bit while they boiled. well, to ensure all would be well, i put a little extra water in the pot than i have done in the past, just in case.

now, upon getting to the house (with about 10 people following me) i smelt something that was ever so slightly out of place, and when i got out of the car, i heard the smoke detector in the house going off. opening the door, i saw smoke as thick as fog. immediately, smoke started pouring out into my carport and i charged inside to where the pot of peanuts was. i didn’t see any fire, but a lot of smoke was seeping out of the sides of the lid. getting the pot outside, i then opened the lid just to be engulfed with smoke.

the next 15 minutes or so had me charging into the house opening windows and turning on fans, then running outside coughing just to run back in and do it all over again. i should also say that the smoke had filled the entire house, not just the room. the smoke had gone all the way back into all of the bedrooms and closets. it took about 30 minutes to get all the smoke out of the house, but that was just the beginning. since that night, i have been trying to get rid of the smell as best i can as well as washing all the linens and clothes in the house. the smell has improved, but not as much as it needs to. it is still very noticeable. another aspect that i noticed just the other night was that once all the smoke was either gone or settled, it left behind a soot on anything with a hard top. over the next couple of days, i plan on going through the house wiping everything down, but i dread the countless blinds that have soot on them.

Other than stupidity, I think that what caused all the water to boil out faster than before was the level I left the stove at. I didn’t look closely, but I believe I may have left it on too high, and the pot simply got too hot.

well , continuing on, three doors down was a no go. my cousin wasn’t able to get the tickets, so we were left at the house watching “kingdom of heaven” (which turned out to be an excellent movie).

finishing it off, Sunday was spent washing, drying, washing, drying, cleaning, washing, drying, cleaning, etc (you get the point).

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