the origin of my music tastes - part 1

the other night, i was sitting at home, listening to music, when i started to think about why i liked the kind of music that i like. now, my tastes in music vary drastically from rock, punk, and alternative to classical, contemporary, and operatic, but the one that tends to stand out the most in my car, home, and work falls on the genre of electronica.

when i speak of electronica, this breaks down into many more sub categories, including: trance, rave, house, trip-hop, down tempo, etc, etc. i will go further to say that i am purposely excluding techno and dance from my thought process here as they don’t fit into where i was thinking the origin of my tastes came from, but will provide a brief background as to why.

techno and dance came into my life when i lived over seas. this type of music was at every party and get together you could find. it was frequently on the local radio stations, and it didn’t take long for me to start liking techno, but at that time, i primarily saw it as dance music, not something to listen to on a regular basis. regardless, i loved techno and similar music i heard, but it wasn’t until later that i discovered a new genre that i could just sit and listen to for hours.

hackers. yes, the 1995 movie hackers was the starting point of my fascination with this style of music, but not because of the movie nor all of the music in the movie, but instead a single song from the movie just caught my interest from the first note.

the song: halcyon & on & on the artist: orbital

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