the start of a few posts.

yes, this is an entry whose sole purpose is to discuss future posts. if you would rather wait for the future, go for it; otherwise read on.

the next few posts are ones that i will be making over the next few days that will cover several topics. why do i not just write about one right now? well, that my friend would be a good question. first, i frankly don’t feel like it. secondly, i have yet to figure out which topic to start out with. and third, i don’t feel like it. i think you may get the point.

until i decide on what to write about, here are the topics at hand.

i have recently bought a digital camera. it is a canon powershot s1 is, and this will be the topic of a couple of entries. i will cover the camera itself (both pros and cons) as well as cover a few topics i have waited on until i purchased a camera; the painted rooms, the house, and the digital entertainment room. if these topics do not interest you, move on, otherwise keep up to date over the next week or so.

also, this past weekend consisted of a camping trip with a few friends that i would like to put up as an entry. the hold up on this one is that i am waiting for barry to post pics of the event so that i may steal them and use them for the post.

lastly, although a lot of recent posts have been about the personal life, i have been meaning to do a quick write-up on the new ipod. i have purchased the 60GB model of the video ipod and have some pros and cons i would like to put down on the site.

until then, allow me to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving an hour and a half prior to the date (CST).

i’m out.

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