an old rant, a new problem

i just found out today that i have a couple more readers than i thought i had that just don’t make comments. in finding this out, i have seen an issue that i have not wanted to face, but may actually try to solve over the next month or so. i just saw my site in internet explorer again after not seeing it in ie for quite sometime. needless to say, it is hideous.

for all the mac users that look at the site, you will not have a problem with safari, firefox, or pretty much any other browser out there for the mac, but windows users (the majority) do not have the same benefit from their primary browser, ie. in order to see the site as i have intended, you will need to download and install firefox. i would recommend this anyway for security purposes, but since internet explorer doesn’t show some proper css and all png’s with alpha transparencies, you will have issues with this site as it is will shows up as very ugly.

i will try to remedy this as much as possible over the course of the next month or so, but i can’t make any promises. my main recommendation is to switch to Firefox, but it kills me to know that some people are looking at the website in a completely different form (and therefore thinking that i have no design talent whatsoever).

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