a weekend to remember

since i don’t have any meetings scheduled this morning, i figured i would write about the happenings of the weekend, as the previous post about the upcoming weekend didn’t exactly go to plan. here goes.

as planned i did eat Vietnamese food after work on Friday with some friends, and we did go to one of my friend’s apartments, but it was not until we reached my house for the movie that things took a turn.

earlier in the night, before going to the apartment, i had started boiling some peanuts. before jumping to conclusions, allow me to explain my thought process on this one. i had boiled peanuts several times for these movie nights and all had gone well without ever having to add more water to the pot. boiling peanuts takes about 4 hours, and since i figured the times i had boiled them while i was in the house went without incident, it would do no harm to leave for a little bit while they boiled. well, to ensure all would be well, i put a little extra water in the pot than i have done in the past, just in case.

now, upon getting to the house (with about 10 people following me) i smelt something that was ever so slightly out of place, and when i got out of the car, i heard the smoke detector in the house going off. opening the door, i saw smoke as thick as fog. immediately, smoke started pouring out into my carport and i charged inside to where the pot of peanuts was. i didn’t see any fire, but a lot of smoke was seeping out of the sides of the lid. getting the pot outside, i then opened the lid just to be engulfed with smoke.

the next 15 minutes or so had me charging into the house opening windows and turning on fans, then running outside coughing just to run back in and do it all over again. i should also say that the smoke had filled the entire house, not just the room. the smoke had gone all the way back into all of the bedrooms and closets. it took about 30 minutes to get all the smoke out of the house, but that was just the beginning. since that night, i have been trying to get rid of the smell as best i can as well as washing all the linens and clothes in the house. the smell has improved, but not as much as it needs to. it is still very noticeable. another aspect that i noticed just the other night was that once all the smoke was either gone or settled, it left behind a soot on anything with a hard top. over the next couple of days, i plan on going through the house wiping everything down, but i dread the countless blinds that have soot on them.

Other than stupidity, I think that what caused all the water to boil out faster than before was the level I left the stove at. I didn’t look closely, but I believe I may have left it on too high, and the pot simply got too hot.

well , continuing on, three doors down was a no go. my cousin wasn’t able to get the tickets, so we were left at the house watching “kingdom of heaven” (which turned out to be an excellent movie).

finishing it off, Sunday was spent washing, drying, washing, drying, cleaning, washing, drying, cleaning, etc (you get the point).

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