it has now been several weekends back, but i grabbed some photos of the event from barry’s flickr site. click the image to the side to see all of them.

i have no plan on going into too much detail on this post as since the event has gotten older, the interest in writing this has kind of died. the only reason i never wrote anything prior to tonight is that i have been extremely busy with work and haven’t felt like doing much when i have come home in the evenings.

the camping took place in rocky springs, ms; a place i knew nothing about prior to going there, but apparently, rocky springs is a real ghost town. not a ghost town in the sense that there have been hauntings, but a ghost town in the sense that the town is no longer populated due to weather conditions, bad crops, and disease back in the late 1800’s. we went down on a friday just for the night, planning to come back the following day. we had 2 massive tents that turned out to be too much for the amount of people who decided to stay. some simply didn’t want to put up with 30 degree weather. oh well, their loss. to speed things along. we hiked to an old church, that is still used today, through the woods in the middle of the night. we had some fun trying to frighten the people that stayed when we returned. we ate, slept, and woke. park ranger bugged us around 9am, and we returned around 1pm to civilization (not that we were far from it anyway).

well, there you have it. somewhat short and to the point.

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