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its time to sit down and write about a little app i have been meaning to suggest for os x for quite some time now. if you have ever used any application that allows you to launch programs and urls from your keyboard without the use of a mouse, you may have a general idea of what this little app is capable of (but that is only a small feature considering the whole of the app). similar programs include launchbar for os x and slick run for pc’s, but i have found this app to be the ultimate command line launcher.

in a very brief overview (more detailed later, if i have time), this app builds a catalog of various parts of your system and applications to allow it to bring up these apps and application functions on the fly with just a few keystrokes. first off, there are several ways for quicksilver to display its information (i.e. bezel, flashlight, mini window, menu, etc), but all images you will see below are the menu display as it has become easily my favorite.

using a key combo (default being apple + space, and most likely the best in my not so meaningful opinion), your choice of display appears. at this point, you can type in the name of an application, safari bookmark, address book contact, among many other options and sources. you are also given a list of the closest matches of what you typed if you have chosen to do so within the preferences of the app (turned on by default). upon bringing up your application, contact, etc; you are given various actions that can be performed for that particular command (“open…” being the most common). of course the actions presented all depend on what you are trying to do. for example, address contacts and other forms of data other than applications allow you to invoke commands specifically for that source, such as opening and composing a message to the contact you inputted. there are too many variations to name them all, but to say the very least, this app is expansive.

other features include typing a ” . ” or ” ’ ” to bring up a text box. this will allow you to type in a url, terminal command, or any other command you wish. a lot of these commands can call plug-ins that can also be installed to do anything from querying to define a word, to doing calculations with the calculator plug-in. once more, there are too many plug-ins to mention and way too many features of these plug-ins to discuss, so that too will be reserved for another time.

unfortunately, that is all i have time for, a quick overview. I will possibly do a little more thorough look at different features of this app if i can find the time. until then, check out the below shots.



icey::phoenix linkshell

well, i am starting another blog even though this one has not gotten a lot of attention. the other blog has a focus whereas this one has not up to this point. i.c.e.d::t.r.i.p will of course still be around and updated, but i wanted to put together a site for a linkshell group for final fantasy xi.

now this linkshell has not been formed yet, and whether or not it will go on to see the light of day is yet to be seen, but i wanted to put some of my design skills (or lack thereof) to use elsewhere. if nothing else, at least it offered a little practice.

i used the basic design of this site as the basis of the icey::phoenix, with a revamped logo and banner. let me know what you think. now all i need are some members, a little more work on the site and some time to play the actual game.



decided it was time for a little desktop change and ran across a couple of great desktop pictures over at Click on the image to show the true desktop size.

the theme is section-9 by nori (go here). i have adium x running as my chat client. a terminal session is open ready to be used. geektool is using ‘tail’ to display my ‘httpd.log’ and ‘mail.log.’ it is also displaying a stock graph of the company i work for and ‘cal.’ oh, and it is also showing ‘uptime.’ the menu contains romeo for my bluetooth phone, konfabulator (displaying only the clock in the top right), quicksilver, and menumeters, among several apple menus.

hope you like!! the bed is now calling!


another week

well, well, another week is upon us. that means one main thing, i have made it through yet another week alive in this world, and for that, i thank god. not too sure what this week may bring, as i am trying hard not to think too much on what it is that work will bring my way. the weekend was nice, helped build a habitat for humanity home, the villages comes highly recommended, i now know how to put together a 7’ by 7’ rubbermaid shed, and not too much else.

happy anniversary mom and dad, one more year to 30 years!!

to another week, to another day. i’m out.