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tired but ssh

one of these days i plan on catching up on some much needed sleep. have not gotten in bed before 2 for the past few nights. while this was quite acceptable in college, i am struggling. not enough coffee to handle it, but oh well.

in my regular plunge into the net today i discovered a nice little series of macdevcenter guides for ssh. thought they may be nice and useful for someone else, so here is the 3 part series.

inside ssh, pt 1 http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2004/07/09/insidesshpt1.html

inside ssh, pt 2 http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2004/07/13/insidesshpt2.html

inside ssh, pt 3 http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2004/07/20/insidesshpt3.html

enjoy. quite useful and informative.

this is the start of a form of entry that i will simply label as iceyguides. that said, don’t expect heaps of knowledge that will make you one of the intellects of the world, but it is an offering of a little bit of my knowledge (very little, but when you don’t have much, you can’t offer much). so enjoy ‘fink link pt 1 - intro.’



what is it?

this will be the first entry in a series concerning fink, the project that brings the world of open software into the mac os x world. yes, it has been around for awhile, and yes you do have other options (self compiling and darwinports, among others), but i have been using fink for the past couple of years and have come to have a fond love/hate relationship with it. this is just an intro into what fink is and later i will get into what uses i have found with it.

before going much further, fink is not something that everyone will see as useful. for those that have no need for open source, such as the gimp, openoffice, gnome (yes i know it is a desktop environment, not an app in and of itself, but it is cool to see on top an os x install), or any other open source replacement piece of software, then go ahead and pass up this suggestion.

one thing that i love about fink vs. any other form of unix software distribution is how everything is contained in one folder, /sw. now this folder can technically be named anything and placed anywhere, but the fact that removing fink involves simply deleting this folder (and maybe xdarwin stuff if you decided not to use x11.app) makes it easy to at least try. there are no worries about cramming software packages into standard *nix directories, that may ultimately not make things play well together.

how does it work?

fink is an extremely large topic to write about in a single entry, so this will be a brief overview of how things work within fink, then we will revisit the topic later to get more in depth.

first, there are a couple ways to use fink as far as installing fink and software is concerned, compiling and binaries. the fink install can be either compiled on your system or installed through the use of a binary, and yes compiling can take some time. likewise, software is installed in one of the two manners. if you choose to use a directory other than /sw, then you have no option than to compile everything, but if you use /sw, then you will simply need to use apt-get to install your software.

software installed by fink can be executed out of the /sw/bin folder either through a term (once the path is set for fink) or through x11/xdarwin (if it is an x window app). in an x environment, you can specify different window managers and even desktop environments (gnome and kde) that have been installed by fink.

that should give a very short overview at what fink is. in depth topics i plan on writing include, but are not limited to:

  • compiling vs. binaries
  • /sw location
  • stable vs. unstable
  • troubleshooting & problems




i was able to make some changes today to the site. i was running into several problems trying to install the mtrecentimages plugin, but discovered that the plugin wasn’t looking for my perl modules in the right place. now onto problem 2 with the plugin. i am now having problems getting the thing to develop proper thumbnails, but i will get it to work. now if i can find something to do some kind of filtering to the images before putting them in my column to the left. we’ll see.

in the meantime, look below for some of the sites i was referring to in an earlier post:


the frustrations

oh the headache i now have. i have accomplished nothing that i had hoped for on the site tonight. i ran into some heavy computer complications where i was not able to connect to my own site for about 3 hours. not too sure what happened, but after starting and stopping and starting and stopping apache time and time again, nothing came from it. i upgraded the firmware in my router, nothing. then just out of the blue, i was able to connect again. you’ve got me. oh well, i am back up again, but will not be able to play with the site until tomorrow.

i briefly tried playing with mtrecentimages.pl tonight with no success due to not being able to get it to recognize the html::parser perl module. oh well i will figure it out tomorrow.

good night to all…



i will be putting some updates to the site tonight. i do not know fully what i will be doing, but i am going to try my best to get some images going to the left column. i am going to be experimenting with some mt plugins to do this (possibly most recent entry images or something). i will also be putting up a disclaimer in the top right that will bring it to everyone’s attention about my desire to purposely not allow internet explorer to view the site properly due to stupid inabilities of the browser.

i also may play with my colors a little bit. maybe make them a little brighter. on a mac everything looks fine, as a mac screen is typically brighter and more vibrant than that of a pc. i guess i will help out in that one area of the pc since i have to use one here at work and may do some posting here from time to time (albeit with mozilla, not ie).

wish me luck to follow through.