i will be putting some updates to the site tonight. i do not know fully what i will be doing, but i am going to try my best to get some images going to the left column. i am going to be experimenting with some mt plugins to do this (possibly most recent entry images or something). i will also be putting up a disclaimer in the top right that will bring it to everyone’s attention about my desire to purposely not allow internet explorer to view the site properly due to stupid inabilities of the browser.

i also may play with my colors a little bit. maybe make them a little brighter. on a mac everything looks fine, as a mac screen is typically brighter and more vibrant than that of a pc. i guess i will help out in that one area of the pc since i have to use one here at work and may do some posting here from time to time (albeit with mozilla, not ie).

wish me luck to follow through.

< ok....let's begin  the frustrations >
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