ok....let's begin

ok….now that we are up, it is time to let people know that we are out there. does that mean that we need to let all the blog sites know? no, but i will steadily let the communities i am involved with know about the site, so that some proper conversations can pursue. whether the topic is music, software, hardware, hacks, or whatever, it is certainly welcome.

to begin, there are 3 authors. will this number increase? only a simple maybe will have to suffice for now. this is testing grounds to be honest with you. the authors are toilet johnnies, sal magicpants, and of course myself…icedtrip. both of the above are from my kdx server. they are the 2 admins. anyone is welcome to drop by anytime, but instead of dropping the address and port on the page, i will suggest using “joshuamac.homeip.net” tracker to find me under the macintosh heading.

lastly, before i hit the sack, the column to the left will be used. i am aware of the title with nothing underneath, but it will eventually serve a purpose. ok….i’m out.

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