the upcoming weekend

the weekend is almost upon us and although just a couple days ago I really didn’t have any plans, last night changed that.

first, we plan to continue our way through the “nightmare on elm street” series leading into part 5 of the series. looks like we may have more people this Friday night than have shown up in the past. about 5-6 people have been coming for the past 4, and it looks like we very well may have 10 or so this time around. looks like i may have to boil some peanuts this time like i did for the first 2. Friday will first begin at Saigon (a Vietnamese restaurant here in town), then to a friends apartment for some fun and games, later ending at my place for the movie.

second comes Saturday. although my day may consist of yard work, i will be going to a concert Saturday night. last night my cousin, trey, called me up asking if i wanted to go to the three doors down concert on Saturday because he had gotten some tickets. now, i am not a big fan of three doors down, but i do enjoy their music from time to time so i agreed to go. it will most likely be packed out since the band is originally from the coast.

and to finish the weekend off, more yard work on Sunday.

at least this beats the past couple of weekends painting, but now that the painting is done, my kitchen, breakfast area, and den look 150% better.

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