site downtime

for all 5 of you.

the site will be taken down sometime this weekend for possibly an entire day. i do not know what part of the weekend, but I have some work to do on the computer. i have been having some serious issues with my computer recently that can only be described as quirky. safari blows up from time to time when it shouldn’t, the computer suffers a kernel panic when under a lot of stress when it shouldn’t, and other little quirky things that are just making me mad.

going through a few system utility checks it appears something is royally screwed up with the b-tree catalog file to the point that the apple disk utility program can’t repair it. usually this is no big deal as diskwarrior should be able to properly rebuild it, but i made a mistake when i first installed tiger; i chose the case-sensitive HFS+ file system. diskwarrior doesn’t work with this format and therefore won’t even look at the volume. i also turned to techtool pro to see if there was anything the file structure repair could do just to see it bomb out as well.

long story short, my only option right now is to reformat and re-install and re-configure everything. for me, this is about a 4-5 hour ordeal if i have a straight 4-5 hours to work on it. i need to get apache back up and running along with mysql, phpmyadmin, and all the basic stuff. however, this time i will not choose a case-sensitive file system as i need diskwarrior to work simply because i know diskwarrior would have been able to fix this problem. unfortunately, i do not have time to wait until alsoft updates it to make it compatible with case-sensitive file systems.

if you try to visit this weekend and you get a no hit on the site, wait a day or two. it’ll be back up. until then, i believe survival without icedtrip.net will not be a problem.

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