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the rant: part 1

thus begins the rant:

i do not, and will not, support internet explorer on windows for many reasons, but most importantly due to the fact that i find it to be a very mediocre browser. the only thing it has going for it is being the most used browser on the market due to the most used os on the market. for that, i have to give it to bill. the man knows business and knows how to deliver and sell mediocre products. hey the man makes money, no one can argue.

back to the topic at hand. as you may see (especially if you are viewing this in ie), i am very blatantly not supporting ie in a way that should not effect any browser during this point in technological history. simply put, the inability to portray my image format of choice, the png.

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i was going to spend a little time this evening to do a little rambling about the specifics of why i will not support internet explorer with the site, however, after a long day at work and playing pool tonight in a smoke filled pool hall, i need my sleep. not that a single soul really cares, but i will hum a few bars on it later.

one of these days, i swear i am going to post something before 11pm.