April 2004 Archives

ok, months later, the basic design is done. i have modified the basic layout of the site the way that i like it, so onto the additions. slowly but surely i will be adding different stuff to the blog. now that the layout is here i can start looking at some movabletype plugins, etc. until then, i will try and post from time to time just to get some entries out there. i have had this thing set up since the end of january and have yet to really do anything with it. oh well, more will come. till then, check out my most recent desktop.



ok, so i haven’t figured out exactly what to do with the site yet. i know this seems to be the theme right now. oh well, until then i have decided that it will be a place for me to post some of my images and pics of my desktops, computer arrangements and setups, etc. i will also use it to post any kind of funky mess i have decided to label as a personal creation or whatever. in any case, without further ado, here is my first one. click it to see the full size pic.