long time

it has been awhile since my last entry, but here is the next one. actually, the only reason i am writing this one is to have another entry on the page, thus no real reason for writing. i have still yet to decide what i want out of this site, but hopefully some day i will have an epiphany that will lead me to the true form of the site. i know, i know…..it may take awhile, but hey, i’m young with not much on the mind. you may never know what may come from a blank mind. all i have to say is…..any day now.


2nd day

just a quick second day update. i have noticed as i am building the site that i am running into a few css problems that may have some pages looking quite bad. i am slowing eliminating them, but i may have some show up from time as i continue to post and new aspects of movable type start to show their heads.

**another note - i looked at the site with internet explorer today, and it doesn’t look pretty. you have been warned.


the beginning

this is the beginning of my blog. this entry is simply to put something up on the web as an intro. i do not have a distinct direction this site will have. that will develop over time. i will be including links to yet undeveloped areas, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please forgive me for the current look of the site. appearances will change over the next few week and all entries for the time being will simply have updated information concerning the development of the site.

i also understand the simple look of the blog as it stands. this will change slightly, but not much. i will always maintain a simplistic look for the fact that it is more pleasing to the eye. there will be no flashy colors nor annoying animated gif’s. if you like the look as it develops, please tell me. if you do not, let me know as well. i will always take ideas into account during the building process, so please advise me with some good direction.

i do reserve the right to delete or mod any entries and comments i deem stupid and serve no purpose. this is not a place were freedom of speech will play a role. taking it back to childhood, “my site, i do as i please.” simply remember this, if your entry disappears, don’t complain, you were warned. otherwise enjoy watching the evolution of the site.

**note - this site will not look good using internet explorer. ie cannot use css properly and i am beginning to think that it will never support transparencies in png formats. for mac users get safari or any browser using the mozilla engine. for windoze users, go with a mozilla based browser.