Rands In Repose: N.A.D.D

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Super old article (2003/07/10), but I can’t believe I missed it.

3) You enjoy the content fire hose. Give me tabbed browsing, tabbed instant messaging, music all the time, and TIVO TIVO TIVO. Welcome to NADD.

I certainly have N.A.D.D. when read from this “definition.” With me, replace “TIVO TIVO TIVO” with “Usenet/Streaming/EyeTV”.

Although I have thought for awhile this is becoming all more common, I am finding it is much less so than I had imagined. Other than faceless internet “contacts” (and my brother and brother-in-law), I don’t have any RL friends I would classify as having N.A.D.D.

The presence of NADD in your friends is equally detectable. Here’s a simple test. Ask to sit down at THEIR computer and start mucking with stuff on their desktop. Move an icon here… adjust a window size there. If your friend calmly watches as you tinker away, they’re probably NADD-free, for now. However, if your friend is anxiously rubbing their forehead and/or climbing out of their skin when you move that icon 12 PIXELS TO THE RIGHT, there’s NADD in the house. BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

This is where I was truly nailed down. I know, it sounds a little OCD, and it is, but please don’t resize my windows, don’t move things around, and don’t put anything on my desktop. My desktop is void of any icons with the occasional exception of being a temp/staging area for current, at-the-moment work.

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