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Not not quite sure how I would classify myself, but it is probably a hybrid of a Digital Callaborator and an Ambivalent Networker.

For example, Digital Collaborators have the most tech assets (PDAs, cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, etc.) out of the five groups, and use those assets to both work and share their creations with others. Media Movers are more likely to create “information nuggets,” like digital photos, and pass them on right away. Roving Nodes get the most out of basic applications, like e-mail and texting, and “find them great for arranging the logistics of their lives.”

Ambivalent Networkers, however, are distinct in that Pew says they have folded mobile devices into every aspect of their social lives. Texting, social networking, entertainment—you name it and this group is doing it with mobile devices of some sort. They’re significantly less likely to watch traditional TV on a daily basis than the rest of the adult population (24 percent, versus 79 of all adults), though they do watch TV shows on on non-TV devices more than any other group. Additionally, 66 percent of this group performs at least one non-voice activity on their cell phones per day, the highest of all the groups, and 91 percent of this group relies on their cell phones for all of their calls.

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Multiple “reply to” addresses in similar to gmail has been a long time desire of mine. I have one gmail account where all other addresses are routed, but I have never figured out how to get to allow me to use the address an email was sent to as my “reply to” address.

Finally I figured it out. What if i just entered a bunch of email addresses seperated by commas (like you normally do when you want to send it to multiple people) in the Email setup? Would it work? Yes! It did work!

Sadly, this tip is so simple, I can’t believe I never knew to do this.