ScribeFire, what are you doing?

So the last post was written using ScribeFire for Firefox and I have no idea what happened. This was my first attempt at using something outside MovableType’s default dashboard and entry pages. It was not successful.

Within MT, I use Markdown (created by John Gruber) with SmartyPants to write my posts, but apparently ScribeFire wanted to handle its own formatting prior to passing to MT. I knew this would be the case in Rich Text mode, so I wrote the post in the HTML mode thinking if I didn’t use HTML, stuck with Markdown, ScribeFire would act as a pass-through for the text. I was wrong. The entry was riddled with HTML and even included a spacer gif pulled from another site.

In addition to the added HTML, and the fact that I wasn’t able to use Markdown properly, ScribeFire placed my “Tags” in the “Keywords” section of MT. The label in ScribeFire was “Tags”, place them in the Tags!

Lastly, I re-edited the entry within MT, saved it, and now the entry inside MT is blank even though the entry shows on the site.

ScribeFire…it was short lived. Sorry!

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