Back into everyday grind

I have been back from the holiday’s for almost a week now and am slowly making my way back into everyday life. It has yet to slow since I returned, but got an opportunity to write a small bit. Onto the advice.

  1. Never fly out of Dulles International Airport heading to Midway in Chicago on December 26th.

  2. Don’t even bother asking for meal vouchers or an airline paid hotel when the weather is involved. No amount of begging will help.

  3. Always check to make sure you are looking at the Departure monitor rather than the Arrival monitor prior to jumping in a 2 hour long line at a gate you read on said incorrect monitor.

  4. When you finally find an actual seat at the gate, do not get up to throw away trash; even if the trash receptacle is 3 feet away.

  5. Also, when you find that seat, and it is next to walking traffic, make sure to fall asleep with your head away from the foot traffic else someone’s bag may feel the need to introduce itself to you.

  6. Lastly, never ever use a “free, no black out date” ticket fare for flights that have a high chance of cancellation during the holiday season. Save those for “100% guaranteed leaving the ground and landing in your destination” flights.

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