Mingalaba rands!

Rands in Repose has some of the best writing that I have come across in recent years. I like to think it is a discussion on everything. Every time I read new posts, I feel as though I am simply listening to a conversation of thoughts. The most recent post is no exception.

A Signature Candence is a simple dive into observations of the way items are displayed on several sites from the way “time” is shown on status updates to the way you are greeted at kiosks. It’s a look into how technology and we as humans are interacting with it as if the human element behind the technology is sitting in front of us.

Yeah, they’re faking us out. Yeah, it’s a script that is randomly saying “Hi” in every language possible, but look at the design intent. You are being benignly deceived into believe that you aren’t interacting with a computer, you’re staring through a window at other people.

And that’s where your head should be. Not worrying about how it might work, but who you might find on the other side.

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