Response: Ultimate House Design


Anyone that knows me would agree that I have an appreciation for good house design and interior design. When everything just flows with a house and a room, it just makes living that much better.

Scott Adams outlined what he thought would be the Ultimate House on “The Dilbert Blog”. I think Scott has something here, but I would have to add some variation to it.

I love the idea of a house being centered around the kitchen. All rooms would be connected by the most used room. However, to make this work, you would need to ensure the kitchen is large enough to have “paths” around it to make it easy going from one room to another. I wouldn’t like having to dodge a kitchen island every time I wanted to go from the living area to the bathroom.

In Scott’s arrangement, I am not sure where he had planned a staircase, so I would make an entranceway that would contain the stairs. Leading to the second floor, the staircase would enter into a balcony style living space similar to the TV/reading area downstairs.

Scott’s idea for the second floor having doors in closets that lead into the laundry area is genius; however, all the closets would have to be large walk-in style closets. I would like to see enough space between the laundry room and the bedroom as I could. This would keep the laundry machines’ noise from pouring over into the bedrooms. I would also make a bathroom with a linen closet that has access to the laundry room.

I am not, however; too sure about Scott’s last statement:

The laundry room would be totally tricked out with a flat panel screen, surround sound, folding tables, and an ironing board. Doing laundry will seem like a fun escape.

I love the idea, and although I could go on and on about what I would like to add to make it “my” ultimate house, I must refrain.

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