It's merely a flesh wound

Biker fails to notice missing leg | The Daily Telegraph

Maybe it is just me, but some news out there…well, I just don’t get. The above article is about a Japanese man who was riding a motorcycle, wasn’t able to negotiate a curve in the road, smashed into a central barrier, and severed his leg.

A severed limb from a bike accident is one thing. I can see this happening, but what I don’t understand is how this man didn’t realize that he was now missing a part of his body. He admitted to feeling extreme pain from the impact, but didn’t realize something was serious until the next junction 2 kilometers from where the accident occurred. Even more disturbing is that one of his friends witnessed him hitting the barrier, and it was he that stopped to pick up the leg.

Once you think about it, it becomes humorous. Imagine the people on the freeway. You see a man on a bike ride by you with a bloody missing leg, but he is just cruising along as if nothing is out of the norm. Now imagine a minute later, you see another man riding by on another bike holding a bloody leg in his hands.

What was this 54 year old man on that allowed him not to realize his leg had just been brutally ripped off?

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