Pony Express, Telegraphs, Postal Service, Phones, Email and on....

How vast is this internet? I mean those that can remember, think back just ten years ago. Things have progressed so much since that time. The whole Web 2.0 concept is definitely a needed idea. The net today is a completely different beast than it was 5-10 years back.

Needless to say, due to this internet thingy people keep talking about, I have managed to come across some long lost friends by way of sites like facebook and mysuc….myspace (I’ll get it right someday).

I recently came across a long time friend of mine that I lost communication with about 7 years ago (I think) on the better of the 2 sites, and have since been keeping up with his blog. To say that he writes in his a bit more than I do in mine would be an understatement, so here is my entry after 2.5 months of nothing.

Well, I have found that this friend of mine is really heavy into auto cross which is beyond sweet, especially since I used to own a WRX that would’ve rocked an auto cross track. Of course, it has since been sold due to cost, insurance, no money to put into it, no time to “enjoy” it the proper way (of course there was the midnight madness at the drag strip one night…..oh the memories). Well, the ole Rex is now absorbing the fine rays of Hawaii, so it at least has a better home and was able to escape the south. One day, one day….

Well, the trade off was an ‘85 Mercedes 500SL (European model) and a ‘97 Yamaha RoyalStar. I love them both, so regrets of selling the Rex are typically minimum. Anyway, as I told my friend, over the weekend I will take some pics of my current rides and post them up. Of course, this means tomorrow will be spent washing the two. They need it anyway.

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