October 2005 Archives

well, my brother is now starting to add video ipod capable home movies to his site. i for one will love this as it will easily allow me to place these on my ipod without having to do any re-encoding to get them to the right format.

a suggestion that i made to my brother as a comment deals with making home movies into video podcasts. with podcasts still steadily going uphill, this is a great way to extend this beyond the traditional podcasting arena. with built-in podcast support in itunes, it would be very easy to create a video podcast that someone produces, with nothing but home movies, to share with family members. this would allow anyone with itunes installed (both windows and mac) to subscribe to the podcast, and anyone with a video ipod would of course be able to sync the videos with ease.

no, this would not be considered a revelation to the podcasting crowd, but rather a simple idea that just makes sense. podcasting isn’t just wayne’s world for the radio, but a method to deliver home movies to family members (and whatever other types of movies you want….legal of course).

just an idea. in the meantime, check out the most recent video on my brother’s site.