katrina and the aftermath

i had my power restored last night after it being out since Monday morning. its amazing how much we rely on electricity and air conditioning. i guess you could say that i should be used to it having lived over seas in a country where this was common and not having air conditioning for 7 years of my life. oh well, i have it back now. this also means that my site is back up too, which is a very good thing.

things have been tough for many. my company’s problems aside, people in my area have been out of power, waiting in lines at gas stations for 2 hours (if no one paniced this wouldn’t have been a problem, but too late now), fighting over bagged ice, not being able to find food in the grocery stores, etc. on top of this, we are 3 hours north of the worst of it. we were hit at a category 1 level hurricane, but looking at images and videos of the coast looks surreal. check out wlbt and watch the “skycopter” videos to see what is going on down there. i may head down there in about a week to help a friend’s family out, so i may be able to see the damage first hand.

for everyone outside of the affected areas, please try to provide as much support as you can through the different organizations and units that are providing food, water, cots, and everything else for the hundreds of thousands that are without a home right now.

i am fine as is the rest of my family that lives down here in the south, but there are thousands upon thousands that need as much help as can be provided.

in a day or two, i will put up pictures of my back yard and around my town just to show some downed trees, etc. this will show you what a category 1 does, let alone what a category 4 will do.

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