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it looks like google will be announcing its new google talk client tomorrow, but as can be seen on the web, people are already using the service. my brother, andrew, and i have already given it a shot. looking at the above article, you will see that you can connect to the google talk service simply with a jabber client and your gmail account. applications like trillian, adium, gaim, and ichat have this pretty much built it, so it is a breeze to use. simply use the following within your particular client’s settings:

Server: talk.google.com Username: yourgmailid@gmail.com Password: yourgmailpassword

make sure you use the “@gmail.com” or it will not work. my brother and i have tried the audio and video over it with ichat and it works just fine as it does over aim. the actual google talk client will most likely be pc only, but since mac and linux users (not wanting to use wine linux users) can connect, all is happy and well in the world.

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