six degrees of the bacon

While rummaging through digg.com earlier today i ran across this post about six degrees of kevin bacon. although it is a game that most people know, it was awesome to see that someone actually took it upon themselves to build a website that made the connections for you. The digg post can be found here, and the page is found below:

UVA Computer Science: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia

For those that do not know what this game is, where have you been living for the past decade and a half? the object is simple, connect any actor or actress back to kevin bacon in less than 6 connections. for example, lets say i want to connect nicolas cage to kevin bacon, it would go something like this:

nicolas cage -> Penelope cruz (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) -> tom cruise (vanilla sky) -> kevin bacon (a few good men)

now, having checked that against the site, they were able to make the connection in only 2 whereas mine took 4. pointless? yes. but it will drive you insane when you can’t connect that one person to him that you know if you could think a little harder you could get it.

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