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DrunkenBlog: The most amusing exchanges

The following quote is from drunkenblog and had me rolling. This is typical db stuff, but i had to post it just to bring forth the joys of my day. i’m probably the only one, but hey, what is life without some laughable perks that only you get. Being a friend of DrunkenBlog must be really hard sometimes.

It isn’t like there are a whole lot of other Bible salesmen who happen to use the Mac and who happen to be geeky to compare myself to. This could possibly improve soon, as there is now a surprising amount of applications for the Mac that revolve around the Bible. I’m particularly impressed by whomever came up with the names ‘iBible’, ‘Hangman Bible’, ‘MacSword’, ‘BiblePod’ and ‘Got Word?’.

We complain about the lack of vertical apps on the Mac sometimes, but Linux has it much worse, aside from games. Besides lacking Photoshop and iTunes, the state of Bible software on Linux is downright deplorable — let alone Bible software with such marketable names. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all heathens, but one could make the argument it’s implied the platform tends towards the atheist and agnostic.