not a setup, not a chair, but it breathes

ok, so apparently my mother felt that i really need a woman since my post of the chair, or as she put it, the “grand” chair. hey, i like my chair, but i figured i might as well post about an actual living, breathing, thing. my dog.

ok, so it isn’t a woman, but its also not a chair, so i am improving right?

his name is bt. bt stand for “black tears” because it looks like he has been crying black tears from one eye. coincidently, bt is also the name of one of my favorite trance musicians. he is an american bulldog and is currently only 4 months old. the pictures you can see where taken when he was only 2 months old, so i have a few more to take, but hey, i can’t say it enough…its not a chair.

click here.

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