Tabula rasa

New city, new job, new life.

All these deserve individual entries, so I will expand on each of them as I move on to more posts, but first, the site.

Everything is as I have envisioned. Extreme minimalist design offering readers the ability to view my thoughts, observations, and ramblings without the added mess of menus and links (aside from past entries and me links). This was a vision for the old site, but never came to be due to the amount of involvement required. With a new host provider (hostgator), a perfect time presented itself for a clean slate.

Gone are all past posts. Partially because they exist on a server that currently is not running and out of reach, but mostly because connection to past entries and this site is not desired. What you will see here will be a new life.

With so many recent changes, this area will receive more focus than before. With old friends, family, and my old way of life being at a distance, this will be where I am able to share.

So, here’s to all that venture this way, and to me making moves forward in all imaginable aspects.

Dilbert’s Scott Adams commissioned a survey of over 500 economists on which Presidential candidate would be better for today’s economy. Although the results don’t really surprise me all that much, the survey and Adams’ intentions are certainly noteworthy.

Dilbert Survey of Economists


Evening News

I could not have said it better myself.

Evening News

By way of DaringFireball (DF - Me, Myself and I):

NYT - Me, Myself and I

Yahoo! Small Business Hosting is a real disappointment. Maybe I should have done some more research, but I didn’t. I was looking for a host that was MovableType friendly, and when I saw that Yahoo! allowed you to enable an MT “module,” I figured I had found my hosting provider. Six Apart was even advertising Yahoo! on their site for built in MT functionality.

The part I missed…MT 3.x release. Of course I noticed this once I had already spit out $26 and did all that was required to transfer my domain over. As you can see, I am running MT 4.x now, but that was not done very easily, and the full functionality isn’t here (meaning, many of the optional items aren’t available. Primarily Image Magick).

I’ll give the 30 day guarantee a try, but it doesn’t look like I will have any better feelings about it. With Image Magick (and thus CAPTCHA), I would be happier. If I had better control of my DNS entries, I would be happier. If they didn’t try forcing their email on me, I would be happier. Lastly, if their CGI support never failed, I would be happier.

We’ll see how it goes.

Now, all I need is to get all my old posts imported into this install, but seeing how the box that has them is in another state, and no longer running, it will be awhile till I can do that.


Now it is official. Of course watch for a post tomorrow when this press release is shown to be a fraud.


OK, I got ahead of myself. Not quite as “official” as I said yesterday, but we’re close. I should have just focused on one of my links yesterday. Gotta give it up to Ars.